Hindi Lessons For Foreigners

HLF is a one-of-its-kind initiative in India that's aimed at training the expat community in Hindi.

Who is Pallavi?

Pallavi Singh has been teaching Hindi to students from around the world since 2011. In her unique style of teaching, she uses proprietary modules in a distinctive manner that makes the learning process less intimidating.

She has also been a TEDx speaker whose Hindi teaching efforts have found mention in the likes of BBC Hindi, Outlook India, Navbharat Times among many others.


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Pallavi’s students love the way Hindi is taught to them. Here are the testimonials HLF has received so far!

William Dalrymple

Pallavi Singh is a dream Hindi teacher and makes even the dullest chores of language-learning: grammer, verbs, gender — fun.

William Dalrymple — Acclaimed Author & Historian from Scotland/UK

Allison Davies

Remember that favourite teacher you had back in the day? You know. The one who made learning fun? Pallavi is all that and then some! Her sense of humour, creative approach and relaxed style inspires confidence and makes the process of learning Hindi a joy. Pallavi tailors lessons to suit your needs and learning style and she’s wonderfully patient. I’m so glad I found her and I can’t wait for my next lesson. Thanks Prof P. Aap sabase achchhe ho!

Allison Davies — United Kingdom

Kasia Narkowicz

I started speaking Hindi with Pallavi, while before I was too focussed on grammar which stopped me from having the courage to speak. Now I feel confident to speak even if I make mistakes. Pallavi’s approach is unique in the sense that she teaches the language practically. For people who want to be able to communicate on a day to day basis this is ideal.

Kasia Narkowicz — Poland

Lindsey Anderson

As a teacher, I can be very critical of my own teachers. However, I never doubted Pallavi’s teaching methods during our lessons. She has taught me survival Hindi that allows me to move around and get what I need with greater confidence and efficiency. Her lessons were engaging and included the right balance of learning concepts and using the language. Thanks, Pallavi, for showing me that learning Hindi doesn’t have to be painful!

Lindsey Anderson — USA

Amanda Rad Lynn

I have been taking Hindi lessons with Pallavi for around 10 months now. She is always extremely patient while I fumble through my notes trying to make comprehensible sentences, and also very flexible as I’ve had to work my schedule around my 3 year old’s. She goes beyond just teaching a language and helps her students adjust to life in India. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a fun and reliable teacher!

Amanda Rad Lynn — USA

Thomas Gutersohn

Pallavi was an extremely patient teacher. She was explaining and re-explaining in different ways meanings of words and sentences as well as grammar until I could understand it. Pallavi has a profound understanding of language, learning Hindi with her was not just learning a language but also helped to understand indian culture better. I regret her moving away from Mumbai but wish her all the best in Delhi and can deffinitely recommend her for future students there.

Thomas Gutersohn — Switzerland

Lee Nolan

Howdy fellow ex-pats! I have just started (after four years of procrastination) Hindi lessons. I have tried some on line stuff, including Rosetta Stone, without success. And my efforts to find a private tutor were disastrous. I stumbled acorss this course offered by Pallavi Singh and have to say it’s been like a breath of fresh air. If you have been toying with the idea of learning Hindi, or have been struggling, I have to recommend this course. I have literally come farther in four weeks than I have in four years. It’s presented in such a way that I now understand how the language works rather than simply regurgitating words or phrases. Five stars from me! Thought I would pass this along to anyone who may be looking!

Lee Nolan — Canada

Lauren Scott

If any of you are looking to learn Hindi I wanted to recommend my teacher Pallavi Singh. I have been staying in India for sometime now and have learned Hindi from other places but I would say that Pallavi has been my favorite teacher so far and her teaching style has been very effective. I am a mom and not able to get out and go to a Hindi class so Pallavi comes straight to my home! If any of you are interested please contact her or look at her website. She also teaches Dilli ki Hindi so you will learn to talk like a Delhite and learn to enjoy your time in India in a different way :)

Lauren Scott — USA

Lucy Grieve

Took an intensive course with Pallavi this summer during my limited time in India. Pre-communication was seamless and she worked really hard to accommodate my demanding schedule. When we met for the first time, she listened to the reasons why I wanted to learn Hindi (future anthropological research) and adapted a course of lessons to meet my needs. The lessons themselves exceeded my expectations and I was surprised about how easy and accessible Pallavi made learning Hindi! Although I only had a couple of weeks, I feel as though I have made significant progress with the language. The use of vocabulary games, flashcards and homework complemented the class content perfectly. Pallavi is not only a great teacher, but she has also become a great friend and I look forward to working on my Hindi with her remotely over the next few months.

Lucy Grieve — Scotland

Tish Sanghera

Super smiley Pallavi is a joy to learn from! She makes even the hardest points of grammar easy to understand.. and fun! After a couple of months of weekly lessons I have progressed rapidly and feel much more at home in India now that I can use Hindi in more than just a basic way. Thoroughly recommend coming to Pallavi if you’re looking for a fast, fun and enjoyable way to learn.

Tish Sanghera — United Kingdom

Nicole Bell

Pallavi has been a huge help in making the transition to life in India a reality for me. Weekly lessons with her have given me the language support to be able to make it around independently and confidently. I look forward to our meetings each week, she is a creative/relatable/reliable teacher and genuinely enjoyable to learn from. Thanks Pallavi!

Nicole Bell — USA

Henry Emerson

By helping me learn Hindi, Pallavi has helped me gain a level of independence here in Mumbai that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Her lessons are sequenced in a logical way that helps build on previous lessons. She has been very available to find times for lessons and communicates clearly and in advance. Learning Hindi with Pallavi has been a lot of fun and I’d definitely recommend if you’re planning to stay in India for an extended period of time.

Henry Emerson — USA

Alexandra Hlubek

I have LOVED taking classes from Pallavi since moving to India many months back. I’ve learned so much and she is always making classes engaging and fun through different activities and her sense of humour. Would recommend her to anyone and I couldn’t be luckier to have her as my Hindi teacher!

Alexandra Hlubek — USA

Avram Ellner

Pallavi is an excellent teacher. Her curriculum is designed with engaging modules which use creative educational methodologies which allow you to learn Hindi quickly and easily – and it’s fun! I was impressed with how much I was able to learn and retain after each lesson. She sets you up for success, and with practice, you’ll be speaking Hindi in no time. I highly recommend any and all who are looking to learn Hindi to do so with Pallavi. You won’t find a better teacher!

Avram Ellner — USA

Peter Hutchison

Pallavi Singh’s classes are informative, extensive and lots of fun. Hindi Lessons for Foreigners in India is a great way to learn the language. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Peter Hutchison — Scotland

Charlotte Bi Bo

Pallavi is great ! I enjoy her sense of humour while doing the class, we had a great time and now we are able to speak hindi even if we had time only for a few classes. We recommend her! (love the flash cards!) thank you !! :D

Charlotte Bi Bo — Canada

Lucinda Nicholas

Pallavi is the best thing to happen to me since living in Mumbai! I had two failed teachers previously and I wasn’t getting anywhere with my Hindi. I wasn’t remembering or applying what I had been taught. However ever since I found Pallavi… she has helped me make sense of the language and the conversion from English sentences to Hindi sentences. I love our lessons and always look forward to them! We laugh all the time! Pallavi’s style is fun, different and her memory triggers are great. She has become a great friend and I can’t wait to see her on an international level or teaching abroad. She has so much to offer!

Lucinda Nicholas — Australia

Carinna Hockham

Pallavi is a great teacher. Have already learnt so much from her in four weeks! She’s friendly, funny and patient and makes the lessons really enjoyable.

Carinna Hockham — United Kingdom

Claire Natasha

You will never find a more patient teacher than Pallavi! She creates an amazingly safe, supportive and kind environment to learn in. Every lesson is different and even if I’m slow or miss a class she’all tailor everything to suit my pace and needs. If you want to learn Hindi you must learn from Pallavi!

Claire Natasha — Australia

Marialusia Amione

I like Pallavi’s teaching method because it’s flexible and she works on the real needs of her students. In my case, after some concepts of grammar, I needed to be pushed to talk so she invented some useful and funny exercises to help me in making sentences. Brava Pallavi and thanks a lot for your help, now Hindi is less mysterious for me.

Marialusia Amione — Italy

 Léa Defives

BEST teacher ever!!! Thank you x1000 Pallavi! I’m now able to have great discussions in Hindi… and not only “hey! what is the weather today?” ;-) Don’t hesitate, and choose Pallavi … with eyes closed!

Léa Defives — France

Rebecca Lockwood

Pallavi is a genius Hindi teacher. I wish i had found her sooner because I’m sure I would have been close to fluent in my four months in Bombay. Still, in just 4 weeks, I was able to give directions to the autowala and buy groceries in the market, my two main goals for the short time we worked together. I’m excited to get back to Bombay and continue working with Pallavi. Her approach is practical and intuitive so it sinks in fast. I speak 4 other languages and teach English to lawyers myself, so I know what I’m saying when I say someone has the right touch. Language learning can be a chore or it can be a joy and Pallavi makes it the latter. Highly recommend her!

Rebecca Lockwood — Canada

Ashali Bhandari

Pallavi is a wonderful Hindi teacher! I took a 2 week crash course in Hindi grammar with her and she was able to help me correct 13 years of rubbish sentence construction! I highly recommend taking class with her!

Ashali Bhandari — USA

Esther Premkumar

Very professional and knowledgeable! She has a wonderful temperament and personality.

Esther Premkumar — Mexico

Katie Arathimos

Fantastic session with Pallavi Singh. She made the session fun and informative. She was organized, on time and professional. I would highly recommend her to others.

Katie Arathimos — New Zealand

Dipa Patel

Pallavi is great! Lessons are fun, imaginative and very well planned. She teaches you Hindi from scratch to give you a solid foundation in tenses and grammar before moving onto more complex exercises. For me, that is definitely the best and easiest way to grasp a new language. She moves at your speed (great for me as I already had some basic knowledge), and is good at explaining new concepts. And to top it all off, she’s super friendly and knowledgeable about Mumbai!

Dipa Patel — UK

 James McLintock

Pallavi is a great teacher! She’s fun, resourceful and patient. I’m a really bad student (sorry Pallavi), and despite this she’s heroically been able to help me understand way more than I thought I would be able to, and speak more and more all the time. She’s very passionate about what she does, always has interesting new exercises to try and lessons are never ever dull. Now, if she could just do my homework for me…

James McLintock — UK

Pol Lanski

Very easy to learn and lots of local culture added! Thanks Pallavi! (I’d say धन्यवाद but then I’d be conveying the image of Western goa hippie… :P)

Pol Lanski — Spain

Monica Gagnon

Pallavi is a very organized teacher who makes lessons engaging and fun, providing students with all the vocabulary we need so that suddenly we are making sentences! She is also a great cultural reference for those new to Mumbai. Highly recommend lessons with her!

Monica Gagnon — USA

Alice Laskin

I love learning foreign languages, and Pallavi’s lessons do not disappoint! The combination of fun activities and clear explanations of grammar and language structures makes learning Hindi entertaining and doable. She is an encouraging teacher who will give you alternate explanations when you need them. Pallavi is professional, quick & smart – I highly recommend Hindi Lessons for Foreigners in India.

Alice Laskin — USA

Sarah Bhot

Having lived in India for a long time I picked up quite a bit of Hindi but I never really knew whether I was speaking in the correct tense or if anything I said made much sense. Pallavi’s organised curriculum has helped made Hindi a lot clearer to me. The classes are interesting and informal which creates a good atmosphere for learning.

Sarah Bhot — United Kingdom

Linda van der Wijk

Learning Hindi with Pallavi is not just very useful, it’s fun too! She gives you the scoop on conjugations as well as on restaurants and hang-outs! For anyone who wants to learn useful Hindi but who does not want to be brought down by the traditional methods Pallavi is the go-to-girl! To be continued :) Thanks Prof P!

Linda van der Wijk — Holland

Saidja Nicolai Drentje

Pallavi is a young professional who has managed to create a wonderful curriculum, fun classes and a great reputation for herself working with expats and consulates even. I think she is unique. I never enjoyed the Hindi curriculum nor the attitude of the other teachers and tutors in India; Pallavi is a breath of fresh air.

Saidja Nicolai Drentje — Holland

Pablo Nunez

Very precise in her teaching methods. One of my all time favorite teachers, I’ve never enjoyed learning so much from a single person. She makes hindi learning fun and entertaining!

Pablo Nunez — Bolivia

Paige Walker

Pallavi has done a great job creating an incredibly useful curriculum for her students. Learning a language in the textbook style can be disheartening, but Pallavi has figured out how to tailor her classes to the lifestyles of working professionals. Every class is a mixture of new material, review, and activities. The homework Pallavi assigns is genuinely helpful and she is always available to answer questions at the beginning of class. While a challenging language to learn, I feel like each week my Hindi skills are improving.

Paige Walker — USA

 Anna Margarita San Pedro

I have been putting off Hindi lessons in the past year that I have been in India because having taken language lessons before, I was not looking forward to the text book style of teaching I’ve experienced. It was such a welcome surprise to have Pallavi teach us Hindi because the lesson plan and materials that she has developed in her years of teaching experience has proven to be practical, simple and fun. Her class is something I look forward to every week and I genuinely feel like I learn something useful every time!

Anna Margarita San Pedro — Philippines

 María Isabel Jiménez León

Pallavi is a great teacher! she makes the grammar very simple and she explains it really clearly as many times as required! She adapts the lessons to my needs, concentrates on the useful vocabulary and gives me pointed homework, which she will correct and send back with comments very fast. She is also very professional, very organised and never late.

María Isabel Jiménez León — Spain

Rathna Ramamurthy

Pallavi is great teacher! Hindi classes with her have been the highlight of my time in Mumbai. I’ve learned a lot about the language and the city through her, and I can’t recommend her any more highly!

Rathna Ramamurthy — USA

Judith Forland Rodrigues

Pallavi, I’m so thankful that you come to my house two times per week to teach me hindi. You are always enjoyable to be around, your methods of teaching are interactive and enjoyable and I feel I’ve come a long way in learning conversational hindi from you, in just a short time. Looking forward to conversing more in hindi than English in the future! ‪#‎somedayillbeapro‬

Judith Forland Rodrigues — USA

 Anna O'Neil

Thank you Pallavi Singh for making learning Hindi fun and focusing on what we foreigners really need! After just a few months I’m able to get around town much easier and engage a lot more people. Bohot accha!

Anna O'Neil — USA

Michelle Chen

It’s been great to have first level Hindi classes and learn a bit culture of the country. Also instructed by learning key words, grammar and ways to present proper sentences at first place. It brings better intention for learners and feel like learning more ! When receiving feedback of homework it’s giving more concrete concept as well .Thanks, Pallavi and let’s keep moving on!

Michelle Chen — Taiwan

David Stansfield

Had 5 lessons with Pallavi, very good study system, and I was lucky enough to be invited to a Hindi movie screening and meet other students. Pallavi is punctual, organised and has a great sense of humour. Learning should always be fun! Highly recommend this service.

David Stansfield — New Zealand

Minyoung Seol

Pallavi Singh, your Hindi lesson is easy to understand and fun, especially you teach grammar first and make us practice to memorise various sentence patterns. Thanks a lot and please keep giving us good classes !!

Minyoung Seol — South Korea

Sheena Thompson

Pallavi is an excellent Hindi teacher – her lessons are structured and easy to follow and she is very professional in her approach. She is always on time and follows up each lesson with a copy of the lesson and homework on email which is really helpful. Aside from that she is super friendly and as a result manages to keep the lessons fun. Thanks Pallavi Singh for all of your help so far!

Sheena Thompson — UK

Peter Willis

Pallavi Singh is a patient and dedicated tutor, with real flair for teaching. Siobhan Toohey and I have had a great experience working with her. Learning Hindi has allowed us to have a more rich and fulfilling experience in India so far and we’re very grateful for Pallavi’s help. Thank you!

Peter Willis — Australia

Susana Toribio

Mera naam Susana hun. Pallavi sabse best teacher hai aur iski lessons bohot dilchasp hain. I´m super happy with my hindi lessons. Now I can talk to people that I have been only smiling to during months! Bohot dan iabat!

Susana Toribio — Spain

Dan Tennebaum

Pallavi (who is looking over my shoulder right now) is an excellent teacher. Classes are terrific.

Dan Tennebaum — USA

April Allderdice

I’m greatly enjoying hindi lessons with the terrific Pallavi Singh!

April Allderdice — USA

Nicolas De Juniac

Learning Hindi from Pallavi a great experience – she has carefully thought through her material to make it accessible and memorable, and she is adept at working around her students’ schedules so that the lesson structure is more manageable. Would recommend in a heartbeat!

Nicolas De Juniac — UK

Amanda Rahn

I started Hindi Lessons with Pallavi a couple of months ago now, and I don’t think I can say enough. I had taken some lessons from someone else before her, and even tho I had a ton of notes- I didn’t know anything. There was no structure to the learning. I was a little hesitant of meeting Pallavi because you honestly don’t know what you will get here sometimes! But Pallavi is extremely organized and structured in her teaching. The content is easy to follow, and she will let you progress as quickly as you feel comfortable. She makes the lessons fun and interactive, and her sense of humor makes me laugh! You get great quality Hindi lessons with her! So if you’re reading this and contemplating whether or not to contact her, take it from me- do it! I doubt you will be disappointed :)

Amanda Rahn — USA

Ida Priyanka

I will recommend Pallavi as a hindi teacher because she is a sweet and comfortable person to be together with. Her lessons are very structured and she is more than happy to explain words and grammar to you. It is very fun and inspiring to be taught by Pallavi. If you want to learn hindi, then you should contact her.

Ida Priyanka — Denmark

Maria Skott

Being tutored by Pallavi was a good experience. Her vibrant and energetic nature makes the lessons fun, and it is very useful that the lessons suit your personal level. I would recommend her as a Hindi teacher for those who are to start learning Hindi from scratch, as she is able to explain the difficult structures of Hindi in an easy and understandable manner.

Maria Skott — Denmark

Jennifer Durant

Pallavi tailors her tutoring to your needs. She is very flexible. You can choose to have Skype lessons if you don’t have the time to meet in person. She’s an easy-going person. She is also patient and good at listening. Pallavi makes the overall experience of being tutored both fun and comfortable.

Jennifer Durant — Denmark

Yoann Plenet

I had the chance to follow Pallavi’s classes during a while in when I was staying in Delhi, and enjoyed every moment. Her teaching method matched exactly what I needed: we didn’t focus so much on getting in depth with every topic, but understand the basics and move on. This really made me progress quickly and effortlessly. Furthermore she is very relaxed and friendly, and classes were never a chore, but something I was looking forward to. Highly recommended.

Yoann Plenet — France

Caroline Alice

Pallavi is a very good teacher of hindi for foreigner, her english is perfect and she knows how to make the classes very interesting. She uses very funny exercice, good techniques of teaching and it’s very easy and pleasant to learn hindi with her. I really recommended her as teacher!!!!

Caroline Alice — France

Kevin Kumana

Awesome Hindi teacher! I’d lived in India for a few years before meeting Pallavi but wish I had met her the first day, I would be fluent in Hindi by now. She puts together lesson plans, uses modern teaching techniques, customizes lessons to students needs, is flexible and accomodating about meeting times and locations. Unlike many other Hindi teachers she has a very firm grasp on English, making her much more effective in helping with complicated translations. She’s an especially good tutor for expats and business people, and would also be good for people who know some Hindi but want to either brush up on the fundamentals or learn complicated sentence structure and vocabulary. Overall, highly recommended.

Kevin Kumana — USA

Asia Papp

Great lessons with Pallavi, I strongly recommend :)

Asia Papp — Poland

Andrew Shillito

Pallavi is a really good Hindi teacher. The lessons were always relaxed and fun. She presents the material with a logical approach which you won’t necessarily get from just asking for words from all of your Hindi speaking friends. It can be really fun to learn Hindi in an environment where you can use it everyday. I recommend it!

Andrew Shillito — USA

Francesca Rosso

Lot of fun in a easy, colorful, lively way of teaching: colors, numbers, questions, everything you need in a very short time. Don’t miss it!

Francesca Rosso — Italy

José Maria Reis

Palavi is a great GREAT teacher. She uses a very organised and systematic learning plan that really helps understanding and learning Hindi – and, to be honest , i do think she is one of the few doing this in Mumbai. Great person and teacher, i would highly recommend !

José Maria Reis — Portugal

Michael Burns

We love taking classes with Pallavi. She’s a really thoughtful teacher who makes learning fun. Others we’ve had are good, but Pallavi’s great. Invest your time here– it’s worth it.

Michael Burns — USA

Carlin Carr

Michael and I love our Hindi lessons with Pallavi Singh! She is always prepared with fun and interesting lessons. I’ve taken private classes from a few different teachers in my four years in India, and this has been the best experience by far. Great teacher!

Carlin Carr — USA

John Pasley

I am really enjoying my lessons… they are well structured, and my teacher is always happy to focus on topics that I feel I’m struggling with, to give me more practice. The pace is good, and I feel that I am making progress. Thanks!!

John Pasley — UK

Man Deman

I m taking Hindi lessons from Pallavi since few months, and it’s from far, the best way to learn a language. Just fun and progressive, progressively fun. Topics are clear and well organize, and after few lessons, I start to understand what happened around me, I start to answer people, and they finally told me: “Aapko hindi bahot aacha hay”, which is a big satisfaction…for a french guy. Thanks Pallavi

Man Deman — France

Matthew Gardner

I had 6 lessons with Pallavi in Mumbai. We covered a large amount of material that really helped advance my Hindi. Lessons are fun and relaxed. I’d recommend giving her lessons a try smile emoticon

Matthew Gardner — New Zealand

Oskari Pölhö

I had ten hindi classes with Pallavi and it was a great experience.

Oskari Pölhö — Finland

Pauline Bijvoet

Choose Pallavi, she is the best teacher you can find!

Pauline Bijvoet — France

Will Powell

Definitely worth your time and money. Pallavi’s experience with foreigners makes a huge differece, and she puts serious thought into customizing the lessons for your specific needs. She has also proven to be flexible and easy to work with – she’s cheerfully allowed me to reschedule and double-book her with frightfully poor notice, and solicits my input when planning content for each subject.

Will Powell — France

Marguerite de Lastours

Each class is well structured and fun! Pallavi is a very clear and stimulating teacher and now I feel confident when I communicate with people in Hindi!

Marguerite de Lastours — France/Switzerland

Sarah L.S. Ajjan

Looking to learn Hindi and located in Delhi or Mumbai? Look no further. My fabulous and wonderful friend Pallavi is your go to! Because of her I can actually speak hindi and understand what goes on at work (& at home)! Check out her facebook page Hindi Lessons for Foreigners in Mumbai City or PM her for more information. Trust me, she charges very nominal rates and will get you speaking Hindi in no time at all!

Sarah L.S. Ajjan — Australia

What's So Special?

Each Hindi Class is a show — A show that has an interactive, humorous and spirited environment, supplemented by various activities, teaching tools and props for a fun, engaging and lively class.

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